In the summer/fall of 2019, a team of 15 students from Toronto’s Ryerson School of Journalism/Ryerson University Faculty of Communication, Art and Design produced a series of multimedia stories about the efforts by people in Hong Kong to preserve their traditions and culture as the main project of their international reporting class. With assistance from local Hong Kong student journalists, our team travelled to this incredible city to interview citizens and explore the use of 360 video to create an immersive experience that hopefully offers audiences a unique perspective of one of Asia’s most dynamic and unique places.


Sophie Chong (RSJ)

Benjamin Cohen (RSJ)

Daniel Drigo (RSJ)

Axile Gerona (RSJ)

Kiernan Green (RSJ)

Clare Feng (RTA)

Ivonne Flores Kauffman (RSJ)

Jessica Fonseca (RSJ)

Ashley Fraser (RSJ)

Karen Longwell (RSJ)

Kaitlyn-Lee Mun (ProComm)

Alya Stationwala (RSJ)

Minh Truong (RSJ)

David Venn (RSJ)

Madison Wong (RSJ)


360 video editor: Joshua Cameron

Website production: Lindsay Hanna, Stephanie Liu

Faculty advisor: Adrian Ma


  • Charles Falzon and Rana Latif from the Ryerson University Faculty of Communication, Art and Design for their support
  • Janice Neil, Aseel Kafil, Jaclyn Mika, Gary Gould and the staff at the Ryerson School of Journalism for their tireless assistance
  • K.¬†Oanh Ha, Joon-Nie Lau and Angie Lau, the N3 conference organizers, Holly Chik and the amazing people at the Asian American Journalists’ Association Hong Kong chapter for being incredibly generous and welcoming hosts
  • Bonnie Chiu, Candice Wong, Gabi Xu Wen, Sing Lee and Elis Li from Hong Kong Baptist University
  • Eric Lam, Eva Tam, Tamsyn Burgmann, and reporters/staff at the South China Morning Post, CNN and Bloomberg for their advice and guidance
  • Josh Gonsalves and Contraverse for supporting our project launch event
  • Lauren Heuser and News Decoder for providing additional publishing opportunities
  • And finally, to the people of Hong Kong: thank you for sharing your experiences and perspectives with us. Being able to travel is a privilege, but to be able to share someone’s story is truly a gift.